Cities with the highest Internet tariffs - TOP-10

Posted: Jun 03, 2019

Deutsche Bank publishes rating of the most expensive cities in the world. During the rating, the average monthly internet rate of 8 Mbps in each city was evaluated.

There are two key players in the telecommunications services market in the United Arab Emirates. There are several small operators in the market, but their presence is very small.

Despite the low speed of the city, the prices are high. The user must sign a contract with the provider at least two years and pay the fine if the subscriber wishes to cancel the contract. The use of the Internet in this city costs about US $ 82 per month.

TOP-10 of the internet is expensive:

8 Mbps speed internet monthly price, US $

  1. Dubai UAE 82
  2. Dublin Ireland 52
  3. San Francisco USA 52
  4. New York USA 52
  5. Boston USA 50
  6. Oklend New Zealand 50
  7. Wellington New Zealand 46
  8. Riyadh Saudi Arabia 46
  9. Johannesburg CAR 46
  10. Keyptaun CAR 43